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July 2024 3

I went to Death Valley to experience 129 degrees  
Google’s greenhouse gas emissions jump 48% in five years  
Critical flaws in CocoaPods expose iOS and macOS apps to supply chain attacks  

June 2024 8

TSA reports another record setting day of travel  
That time Boehner was troubled by unseemly GOP behavior  
TikTok makes its First Amendment case  
You can finally use iCloud with macOS virtual machines  
watchOS 11 supports automatic nap detection  
Microsoft recalls Recall  
Elon Musk is livid about new OpenAI/Apple deal  
Apple to release a dedicated Passwords app  

May 2024 16

The team behind Halide launched a video app called Kino  
Jury finds Trump guilty on all counts in hush money trial  
Meta’s shift away from the ‘daily active users’ metric  
Exploit allows iOS apps to use animated icons  
White v. Samsung  
TikTok is now reporting on political influence campaigns  
TSA reports record number of passengers in a single day  
Daily cannabis use overtakes alcohol in the U.S.  
U.S. sues Ticketmaster and owner Live Nation  
Apple Music 100 Best Albums  
Cynthia Bowman joins Apple after departing BofA  
Hawaiʻi awarded $916 million over ineffective Plavix  
Microsoft Surface performance claims are meaningless  
The forged Apple employee badge  
Delta is changing its logo after Adobe threatened it  
Increased battery lifespan in the iPhone 15  

January 2024 1

NASA's botched moon launch  

December 2023 1

Apple announces contingent pricing for subscriptions  

May 2023 1

Save the male chicks  

April 2023 4

Twitter is complying with more government demands under Elon Musk  
Tim Cook on shaping the future of Apple  
Make Something Wonderful  
The Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden in every modern copy of macOS  

March 2023 9

White House won’t pay for Twitter verification  
Twitter recommendation algorithm is now open-source  
The country’s oldest public bank  
Trump Indictment  
Intel founder Gordon Moore has passed away  
Steve Jobs saved a long-time Mac developer from an early death to close  
Feds arrest alleged BreachForums owner linked to FBI hacks  
Pedometer++ v5.0: A Passion for the Wilderness  

February 2023 9

National Legal and Policy Center wants Cook and Gore off Apple board  
GoDaddy says a multi-year breach hijacked customer websites and accounts  
Susan Wojcicki stepping back from YouTube CEO role  
The maze is in the mouse  
Former Minister for Foreign Affairs in Sweden is joining an Apple advisory board  
Proposals but no consensus on curbing water shortages in Colorado River basin  
Kareem’s thinking on LeBron breaking his NBA scoring record  
Texting after hanging  
Jupiter has 92 moons  

January 2023 4

A visionary on a motorcycle  
Rihanna’s Road to Halftime  
Our little universes  
HomePod is back  

December 2022 2

A look at the time Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for a favor  
House Democrats pick top leadership that includes zero white men  

November 2022 13

Josh Centers is moving on from TidBITS  
v1.6.0 of Quattle now available  
Elon’s Twitter is in the Sh*tter  
Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 16  
WidgetBundle improvements in iOS 16.1  
Apple kills long-time event archive on YouTube  
What a week it has been  
Welcome to hell, Elon  
How John Deere built its own cellular network for its factory  
iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: A Small Step, A Huge Leap  
Elon Musk could cut half of Twitter’s workforce  
Twitter cancels Chirp developer conference  
Elon Musk will let you pay $8 to be a verified ‘lord’ on Twitter  

October 2022 20

How to Grow a 2,560-Pound Pumpkin  
Taylor Swift achieves her 11th No. 1 album  
White House invites dozens of nations for ransomware summit  
Minimum Viable Centralization  
Live Activities in iOS 16.1  
Ali Abdaal’s AI Twitter thread  
Elon Musk acquires Twitter and fires top executives  
Podcast app Pocket Casts goes open source  
Poor, less white US neighborhoods get worst internet deals  
Elon Musk plans to cut 75% of Twitter workforce  
New York City’s Answer to Its Rat Problem: Asking You to Take the Trash Out Later  
Magic, utility, and redesigning  
This Week in Google: 681  
Kara Swisher’s last Code Conference  
The new Pixel 7’s ‘Guided Frame’ feature  
An Oral History of Apple’s Infinite Loop  
Remembering Steve Jobs  
The Steve Jobs Archive  

May 2022 4

The music lives on  
Activity Monitor in macOS is wrong about energy usage of Apple silicon  
Menorah bongs and Talmudic toking: The secret history of Judaism and cannabis  
New Jersey's nation-leading bag ban set to take effect this week  

April 2022 26

Musk flips Twitter the bird  
Studio Display webcam complaints are fair, but the importance is being overblown  
The syntax of virtual performatives  
Elon Musk to acquire Twitter  
CNN+ is shutting down one month after launch  
GitHub can't be trusted. Or, how suspending Russian accounts deleted project history and pull requests  
Kmart nears extinction  
Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter in takeover attempt  
Cities ask Netflix, Hulu, streaming services to pay cable fees  
The future of Deliveries  
v1.5.5 of Quattle now available  
Elon Musk won’t join Twitter’s board after all  
Why your git email address matters  
Rethinking the term Sub-Saharan Africa  
Trump officials failed to provide accounting of foreign gifts  
Muzzling the defense  
The launch event for Windows 95  
A new wide variant of San Francisco font?  
iCloud+ custom email domains should be better  
Windows 3.1 turns 30  
Apple announces WWDC 2022  
Suddenly, Tesla’s Elon Musk is Twitter’s biggest stakeholder  
German man got COVID jab 87 times  
Infinite Mac: an instant-booting Quadra in your browser  
Microsoft deletes tweet featuring an M1 iMac  
Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok  

March 2022 24

TikTok used by 16 per cent of British toddlers  
White House logs show 7-hour gap in Trump’s calls on Jan. 6  
Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring  
Apple’s CODA wins historic Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards  
v1.5.4 of Quattle now available  
v1.5.3 of Quattle now available  
Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF, has died  
Apple TV app on Android TV & Google TV no longer lets users buy/rent movies  
Apple’s M1 Ultra chip is good for you, but a problem for Intel, AMD, and Nvidia  
No, we shouldn’t make DST permanent  
DigitalOcean has acquired CSS-Tricks  
‘Pro’ has lost all meaning, and Apple knows it  
v1.5.2 of Quattle now available  
Apple's superlative-heavy event happened  
Hate for Putin  
A new speed milestone for Chrome  
Do journalists need to be brands?  
Apple Maps and Weather now say Crimea is part of Ukraine  
Dieter Bohn bids farewell  
Our Oligarch  
v1.5.1 of Quattle now available  
Apple announces Peek Performance event  
Apple on Russian invasion of Ukraine  

February 2022 19

v1.5.0 of Quattle now available  
Here's to the crazy ones  
Trump's TRUTH Social launches  
Dates don't belong in permalinks  
Akamai to acquire Linode  
Nevada, casinos rescind mask mandates effective immediately  
Coinbase’s bouncing QR code Super Bowl ad  
Missouri prosecutor won't charge St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist  
Actually the metaverse has always been a thing  
Open App Store principles  
Why I love this epic fail by Steve Jobs  
Why is Windows called Windows?  
Apple already fined again  
Distributing dating apps in the Netherlands  
Meta’s market value plunges by $230 billion in one day  
Trump’s words, and deeds, reveal depths of his drive to retain power  
PWAs are still out of App Library  
Cannabis can prevent COVID-19 infection  
Trump’s unusual habit of ripping up documents  

January 2022 21

Further thoughts on the sale of Wordle  
The New York Times just purchased Wordle  
No, Apple did not crowdfund :focus-visible in Safari  
Rich CLI  
Why can’t Spotify edit Joe Rogan?  
YarnBuddy developer is making a game for kids  
App Store now supports unlisted apps  
Spotify (sort of) responds to controversy  
Coldest night of the year  
iOS 15.4 beta adds support for setting up custom email domains with iCloud Mail  
Joni Mitchell removes music from Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan’s podcast  
Apple should bring back Dashboard  
iPad turns 12 years old today  
Rise calendar app  
Reader theme variant  
Windows 3.1 remnants spotted in Windows 11  
Downstream #9: Little Crown Jewel  
JWST reaches final orbit in space  
Anti-Semitic email rocks the silicon slopes  
v1.4.0 of Quattle now available  

December 2021 20

Rest in power, Betty White  
The gospel of Donald Trump Jr.  
Blackberry is finally end of life  
Stolen property is considered income  
California's epic snowstorms  
Autocorrect is broken  
v1.3.0 of Quattle now available  
NASA's Webb telescope launches  
Google's Santa Tracker  
Amazon is shutting down Alexa Internet  
Analogue Pocket review  
H&R Block sues Jack Dorsey's Block  
Jekyll live reload shell script  
MacStories Selects 2021  
Redesigned Notepad for Windows 11  
Jeff Bezos has a really flat butt  
Very Peri  
In disbelief over battery life  
Facebook reverses Kyle Rittenhouse policy  

November 2021 3

Apple silicon temperatures  
Apple announces Self Service Repair  
The network quality command in Monterey  

October 2021 1

macOS added new FaceTime indicators  

September 2021 1

Runaway corebrightnessd process  

June 2021 2

Weather app for iPad  
New Technologies WWDC 2021  

April 2021 5

Say hello to the new iMac  
The case of the top secret iPod  
Family sues after California man dies in taco eating contest  
'No Justice, No Peeps'  
The U.S. seems to be headed toward a meaningful recovery  

May 2020 3

Sundar Pichai on managing Google through the pandemic  
Joe Rogan is moving to Spotify  
Could the numbers get better after states reopen?  

April 2020 25

Two spaces after a period is an error  
Why telling people they don't need masks backfired  
An oral history of the day everything changed  
420 (cannabis culture)  
'The Opening'  
Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing technology  
Larry David, master of his quarantine  
Bill Gates saw this coming  
New Jersey added hospital census data to the COVID-19 dashboard  
NYC COVID-19 data is available on GitHub  
Unicode 14.0 delayed for 6 months  
The Coronation  
The worm is back  
Bernie Sanders exits the race  
COVID-19 vs cold vs flu vs allergies  
Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro now listed on Amazon  
The Apple designed face shield  
Let's all wear a mask  
Should you sanitize your groceries?  
Ten years of iPad  
The O'Brien memos addressing COVID-19  
Hardware microphone disconnect in Mac and iPad  
Block Island  
Reopening the economy is pointless when cities are under siege  
Apple lets Amazon Prime Video app offer in-app purchases  

March 2020 12

Dark Sky has a new home  
New York was not designed for emptiness  
Leaked screenshots of Apple's CarKey feature  
Episode 470 of Back to Work  
New Jersey COVID-19 dashboard  
Pandemic Priorities  
Apple directing funds to COVID-19 relief efforts  
The Avenue  
Spread of the coronavirus emoji  
Microsoft announces change to its board of directors  
The Verge's review of the Mac Pro  
SXSW canceled over COVID-19 concerns  

February 2020 8

Coronavirus impacts Apple's revenue guidance  
Inside Mark Zuckerberg's lost notebook  
MWC canceled due to coronavirus  
Taika Waititi on Apple keyboards  
Force close an app  
The design philosophy of Steve Jobs  
Fantastical 3 has been released  
Which emoji scissors close  

January 2020 3

Samsung is up to old tricks  
Ricky Gervais just roasted Apple and Hollywood  
Creating link posts with Jekyll  

December 2019 9

The iPhone 4 debacle  
Bourdain Confidential  
‘The Surprise’  
A desire to write (again)  
Really, Wawa?  
A thief took Facebook hard drives with payroll data  
Apple TV+ scores its first award nomination with ‘The Morning Show’  
Steve Jobs-signed floppy disk sold at auction for crazy high amount  
App Store best of 2019