Victor Wynne

The design philosophy of Steve Jobs

Maria Bustillos:

“The widespread admiration for Apple’s design ethos during Jobs’s tenure was in two parts: one functional, the other aesthetic. The functional aspects of Apple’s products in the era of Jobs were considered magical and thrilling. But the vibe of Apple’s product design is uniformly cool and impersonal, and the monolithic sterility of their glassy retail palaces is really something shocking. So far as design goes, it’s always been an imperial aesthetic, entirely lacking a human dimension – or a potted plant. And this was so no matter how much the marketers tried to soften things up with the aid of Justin Long, John Hodgman and sassy dancing silhouettes.”

While I don’t agree with many of the conclusions drawn by Bustillos about Jobs in this piece it is a very informative and well-written look at the design ethos of Apple.