Victor Wynne

Apple announces Peek Performance event

Jason Snell:

It’s official — Apple’s doing a product launch event on Tuesday, March 8. The company sent out invitations bearing the phrase “Peek performance,” a Dad-Joke-level play on words that frustrated humorless editors and sticklers everywhere.

Now begins the reading of the tea leaves. While I usually try not to give myself a pareidolia headache by staring at Apple artwork and asking “what does it all mean, maaaaan?”, in this case I think it’s worth mulling things over a little bit.

It’s all about that second word—performance. Ever since Apple started including its own chip designs in Macs, Apple has—rightfully—promoted the power and promise of those chips heavily. Since new iPhone-class processors only really appear in the fall, this has to be a reference to Macs running Apple silicon.

The event title does indicate the Mac seeing some love, and I would expect the larger iMac to get a redesign. I also expect a “peek” at the rumored AR/VR product because the logo on the events page is itself an augmented reality experience.