No, Apple did not crowdfund :focus-visible in Safari · Victor Wynne

Victor Wynne

No, Apple did not crowdfund :focus-visible in Safari

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Eric Meyer:

The addition of :focus-visible to WebKit was lead by the community, done by Igalia, and contributed to WebKit without any involvement from Apple except in the sense of their reviewing patches and accepting the contributions. Many of us are mad at Apple for a lot of good reasons, but please don’t let the process of venting that anger tar the goals and achievements of Open Prioritization. The future browser-feature priority you save may be your own.

That is Eric’s response to the dust-up over release 138 of Safari Technology Preview 11 days ago. You should read it in its entirety for a comprehensive breakdown. What a weird turn of events based on a misunderstanding of how open source projects are supposed to work. In less hectic but related news, the WebKit team published a good write up of :focus-visible today that’s worth reading too.