Victor Wynne

Daily cannabis use overtakes alcohol in the U.S.


Benjamin Taub, writing for IFLScience:

The number of people who use cannabis on a daily basis now exceeds the number of daily alcohol drinkers in the US, new research reveals. Overall, more people continue to consume booze than weed across the country, yet the proportion of high-frequency stoners has skyrocketed, overtaking regular alcohol use for the first time.

In the early 90s, daily or near-daily drinkers outnumbered daily cannabis users by 8.9 million to 0.9 million. Three decades later, however, the number of regular pot users had increased 15-fold to 17.7 million, while daily drinkers numbered just 14.7 million.

Considering these are all self-reported statistics I would assume people likely lied about their cannabis use in the 90s because there was very little legal tolerance for the substance. The fact that alcohol use has nearly doubled in the same timeframe only furthers my belief that is the case.