Victor Wynne

App Store best of 2019

Philip Schiller:

“We are excited to announce such a diverse group of 2019 App Store winners, showing that great design and creativity comes from developers large and small, and from every corner of the world. We congratulate all the winners and thank them for making 2019 the best year yet for the App Store.”

There are certainly some very well crafted apps highlighted in these awards, a few of the games are truly works of art. Where it falls down for me though is the chart of the most downloaded apps of the year. Out of the top twenty free apps listed they are including Netflix, Amazon, DoorDash, Uber and Hulu. Sure you can download the actual app for free but the entire purpose of the apps existing is to connect you to their various paid services. It just seems a little disingenuous on Apple’s part and also somewhat disappointing that we are unable to see five more apps that are truly free make this list and be given their due reputability and exposure.

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