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Victor Wynne

Minimum Viable Centralization

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Ryan Lechner back in 2018:

There’s this thing called blockchain, and it’s going to disrupt every industry. For the first time in history, humans can transact directly and securely across the internet without relying on trusted third parties. The implication of this shift towards peer-to-peer, “trustless” interaction is profound. Decentralized platforms and networks will emerge to rival and likely disrupt Big Tech, banks, and incumbent industries.

…and less than a year later:

For the last year and a half, I’ve done my part to convert Web 3.0 from promise to reality. I’ve looked at hundreds of blockchain projects, spent countless hours evaluating the space, and helped ConsenSys build out various aspects of its business.

These past 18 months have been the greatest intellectual journey of my career. Every day was a Talmudic investigation into the foundations of the internet and the faulty structures underpinning our online lives. ConsenSys was a training ground, my Dojo, for building a new and fairer internet.