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Victor Wynne

Bourdain Confidential

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Maria Bustillos:

“As he started to talk, everything about him became familiar at once; he slipped so effortlessly into the sleek carapace of his fame. The very air of vulnerability he projected, along with the rough candor, was part of this persona. But in fact he was a very private person, as his assistant, Laurie Woolever, reminded me after his death. Something I’d already known, from reading his books; he’d liked the piece I’d written about him and sent me an unbelievably kind note about it, which was what had emboldened me to ask for an interview. That, and he was famously generous to writers in general.”

Such a great, very well written piece here about a man who was both infinitely inspiring and deeply misunderstood. Every time I rewatch episodes of his various travel shows I learn something new and the same can be said for this interview.