Victor Wynne

Apple’s M1 Ultra chip is good for you, but a problem for Intel, AMD, and Nvidia

Daniel Howley:

There’s just one caveat: the M1 Ultra is only available in the Mac Studio. You can’t buy one off the shelf and slap it into any old computer. That’s a major letdown for enthusiasts who build their computers.

According to Ives, however, Apple may eventually make the M1 Ultra available to other computer makers, giving consumers the ability to build their own M1 Ultra-based systems while putting Apple in direct competition with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

“This latest M1 Ultra is a game changer on the graphics front and ultimately is competitive versus Nvidia,” Ives said. “Now it’s about how big Apple goes outside Cupertino and selling its chip to third parties.”

Of course, Apple could simply hold on to its chips and use them to lure prospective customers. After all, it’s done that with the iPhone for years. Apple also previously licensed its Mac OS operating to third parties in the ’90s, but killed the program, because it was cannibalizing its own Macintosh computer sales.

Apple could hold on to its chips? Yeah, no shit. That is exactly what they are going to do. The reasoning for which is literally spelled out in this quote. They licensed macOS in the ’90s and halted it because ultimately they were screwing themselves. Apple doesn’t desire to be a chip foundry for the whole industry. They cannot stop mentioning how much better their silicon is compared to other companies, and there will remain a single way to take advantage of it: buy a Mac.