National Legal and Policy Center wants Cook and Gore off Apple board · Victor Wynne

Victor Wynne

National Legal and Policy Center wants Cook and Gore off Apple board

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Breck Dumas:

Corporate ethics watchdog National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed an exempt solicitation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday that urged fellow Apple shareholders to vote against Gore as a director nominee at the tech giant’s annual meeting, which is slated for March 10, arguing that the former U.S. vice president is not qualified for the role and that “his political activism poses to Apple a reputational risk that is not worth his limited skill set.”

Then they really came out swinging:

“Al Gore was never qualified to serve on Apple’s board in the first place, so for him to last for over 20 years is absurd,” NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project Director Paul Chesser told FOX Business. “The only credentials he had, or has ever had, that meet any of Apple’s questionable criteria was that he’s been a Chicken Little for global warming. That term was so discredited that it’s now called ‘climate change.’ And so many of his other prophecies of doom have been proven untrue that he should be considered a false prophet.”

Wow, that’s one hell of a stance. I’m sure FOX Business was eating up every word of their Gore-hating statement which makes up 80% of the article. Then buried at the bottom without even a hint in the headline, or excerpt was this shocker:

The NLPC also filed a separate exempt solicitation that urged Apple shareholders to oppose re-upping CEO Tim Cook to the board of directors, and NLPC is sponsoring a shareholder proposal that asks Apple to disclose more fully its risks of doing business — and the extent of its supply chain — in China.

I feel like this is an odd time to want to send any sort of message by removing Tim Cook from the board. Apple has shown a strong desire to divorce themselves from China for several years now, and most of those moves into India, Vietnam, and hell even Arizona have developed in just the past fiscal year.