Victor Wynne

Delta is changing its logo after Adobe threatened it

Sean Hollister writing for The Verge:

On May 7th, Adobe’s lawyers reached out to Delta with a firm but kindly written request to go find a different icon, an email that didn’t contain an explicit threat or even use the word infringement – it merely suggested that Delta might “not wish to confuse consumers or otherwise violate Adobe’s rights or the law.”

But Adobe didn’t wait for a reply. On May 8th, one day later, Testut got another email from Apple that suggested his app might be at risk because Adobe had reached out to allege Delta was infringing its intellectual property rights.

At no point did I ever think of Adobe when looking at the Delta logo, but now that it has been compared the similarity cannot be unseen. Pretty hard to hate on the legal team at Adobe for this one, if you don’t defend your intellectual property you risk losing the rights.