Victor Wynne

Elon Musk plans to cut 75% of Twitter workforce

The Associated Press:

Musk has told prospective investors in his Twitter purchase that he plans to cut nearly 75% of Twitter’s employee base of 7,500 workers, leaving the company with a skeleton crew, according to the report. The newspaper cited documents and unnamed sources familiar with the deliberations.

While job cuts have been expected regardless of the sale, the magnitude of Musk’s planned cuts are far more extreme than anything Twitter had planned. Musk himself has alluded to the need to cull some of the company’s staff in the past, but he hadn’t given a specific number — at least not publicly.

I realize I will be in the minority with my view on this but I find it completely acceptable that layoffs occur. This is a typical business practice, especially when new ownership takes over, and necessary to streamline operations moving forward1.

While 75% might not ultimately be the right number I believe it’s completely asinine for outsiders to act like it’s a crazy notion. For comparison, Tumblr’s active user base is 30 million, 10% the size of Twitter, but operates with a much smaller team of 200. Musk has plenty of ridiculous things to say and ideas to pass, but this is nowhere near the top of that list.

  1. In 2021, Twitter’s annual net loss amounted to 221 million U.S. dollars.