Victor Wynne

Jeff Bezos has a really flat butt


A Stephens College alumna, 16-year-old Funk came to Columbia in 1956 from her home in Taos, N.M. Here she earned her pilot’s license and an associate’s degree, continuing her education at the University of Oklahoma, from which she graduated at age 20.

On July 20, at age 82, she traveled to the edge of space with Bezos and a few others on his Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft.

In the months before the flight, Bezos visited Funk at her home.

“He said ‘Wally, I’m going up to space and I’m going to take you with me,’” Funk said. “I gave him a big hug.”

And she felt his butt, which she said was the flattest one she had seen on any man.

An odd choice of lede, but funny nonetheless.

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