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Magic, utility, and redesigning

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David Allin Reese, Design Lead,

I often tell people that I am the design lead for Google’s design system “textbook”. is the online textbook where readers learn, discover and reference design guidelines and is the core of Material Design’s public offering. It contains a trove of specialized information about digital product design, written by a group of the smartest and most creative people I have ever met.

In 2021, Material Design 3 was introduced with an iconoclastic approach to visual expression and inclusive perspective on usability in digital products. In October of 2022, we launched a redesigned which reinforces Material Design 3’s balance between spirit and usability.

For this refresh, the team showcased new features and components while also demonstrating how Material 3 principles can be extended to solve product-specific use cases, in our case, a rich library of information to help designers and developers build beautiful products.

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