Victor Wynne

Microsoft deletes tweet featuring an M1 iMac

Filipe Espósito:

What the person behind the Windows account on Twitter didn’t realize is that they chose the image of someone using an iMac instead of a Windows PC.

This, of course, wouldn’t be a huge problem depending on the Mac model shown in the picture, since Intel Macs can run Windows via Boot Camp. But in this case, the image clearly shows a green M1 iMac, which can’t run Windows natively.

Right after the tweet was shared, people made fun of the image, which was still there until a few hours ago. Now Microsoft has finally deleted the tweet. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has its own lineup of computers, which includes the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and Surface Studio, so it’s funny to think the company chose a photo with an Apple computer.

This summarization is neither fair nor accurate. See the tweet in question below:

The now deleted Tweet posted by the Windows team.

The tweet was published with a service called Sprinklr, and included a link to an article published on Bustle. The article was the original source of the M1 iMac image1, and the article covers Macs as well as Windows PCs. The Sprinklr service automatically generated rich media it sourced from the article to include in the tweet. The outcome was funny, and also purely coincidental. The person responsible for managing this Twitter account for the Windows team did not choose this image at all. You could say that they should have noticed the technical issue with the image that was populated, but is that something we can assume they should know? I don’t believe that it is.

  1. Even more interesting to note is that the image has been pulled from the article on Bustle (who has no relation to Microsoft) now too.