Victor Wynne

Leaked screenshots of Apple’s CarKey feature


Yoni Heisler:

“When Apple released the first iOS 13.4 beta in early February, one of the more notable additions was a brand new CarKey API that makes it possible for Apple Watch and iPhone owners to start, lock, and unlock their vehicles directly from their devices.

Even cooler is that the API will allow device owners to share access with friends and family members via one-time keys. Imagine, for instance, the ability to remotely give a friend of yours the ability to unlock and drive your car with their own iPhone or Apple Watch.”

Apple has made it mostly possible for me to ditch my wallet by creating Apple Pay1. I’m able to access my home without a physical key because of smart locks powered by HomeKit. Now they are working to make car keys/fobs extinct. As a nerd I absolutely love the idea of leaving the house with only an iPhone in my pocket or a Watch on my wrist. As if it hasn’t already been the case for years now, this takes the digital hub strategy introduced in 2001 as being centered around the Mac and turns it on it’s head.

  1. If only States would allow drivers licenses to be stored digitally in an app. 

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