Victor Wynne

Steve Jobs saved a long-time Mac developer from an early death


William Gallagher:

The conversation was between podcaster Adam Curry and Apple’s Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue, sometime in 2005. As now relayed in a podcast interview with Curry, it concerned how podcasters recorded audio.

Jobs asked how Curry made recordings, and was told it was with what was then called Audio Hijack Pro. But at the time, the highly litigious Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was trying to stop any possible method of pirating music.

“The RIAA wants us to disable Audio Hijack Pro,” Eddy Cue reportedly told Curry, “because with it you could record any sound off of your Mac, any song, anything.”

Jobs then asked whether Curry and other podcasters needed Audio Hijack. The answer was an emphatic yes, “so Steve Jobs told [the RIAA] to get lost,” said Curry.

For all of the negative discourse surrounding Apple, and app developers, I sure do love learning about things like this happening behind the scenes to help the industry as a whole.