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Autocorrect is broken

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Ken Kocienda:

Autocorrect is as much psychology as technology. When I made the autocorrect system for the original iPhone, I thought a lot about whether people would understand the results they got. Even if people didn’t get want they want, I still wanted the results to seem sensible.


In response to this tweet by Steve Troughton-Smith:

Apple really needs to throw out its crowdsourced machine-learned autocorrect system entirely. Autocorrect used learn from everything I typed, now it interjects with typos & weirdisms from random internet users. It’s been a complete train wreck since they introduced this stuff.


I understand the benefit of machine learning for something like autocorrect and have even witnessed it firsthand. Whatever has changed in iOS 15, hopefully a bug rather than a programmed regression, is broken. I first noticed this using the betas over the summer and it has never improved. The most irritating instance for me is the question mark being replaced with an exclamation point!

Every. Single. Time.

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