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Amy S. Rosenberg:

“Across Tennessee Avenue, out in front of EZ Super Mart store, a 51-year-old homeless man recently out of jail and a teen who says he’s a heroin addict are waiting for their chance at a few bucks – most likely, they each said separately, by acting as low-level go-betweens for drug dealers…”

I’ve been waiting to see a real story about this in The Philadelphia Inquirer for a very long time. The store owners on Atlantic and Pacific Avenues are allowing a drug trade to happen openly all day long. There are arrests being made but it has been a very rampant issue for many years now. Winter time in the city has always felt more depressing because of this constant scene happening in the main downtown area.

The facade reads “LOTS CORN R” on Atlantic; from Tennessee Avenue, the sign is down to “LOTS COR R.”

This has since been fixed. I wonder if it was because of this article? 🤔