Victor Wynne

Fantastical 3 has been released

Flexibits Blog:

“A beautiful new user interface. Feature parity on every platform. Beautiful full screen modes on iPhone and iPad (and the Mac has never looked better). Synced calendar sets (🎉). Weather. Interesting Calendars. Proposals with automatic scheduling. Even better tasks support. And so much more.”

I have been testing out this new app in beta for quite a while now and am more than happy with the changes this latest release brings. The biggest one in my mind being feature parity on every platform. It is difficult to make use of a feature even if you would like to when it isn’t available on every device, so this is a big win all-around. Having the ability to now create calendar sets is also something I didn’t know I wanted until I had it.

Yes, the app has moved from a one-time cost to a subscription model and while I could write about this I don’t really need to add anything more to the conversation that has been happening.

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