The Verge's review of the Mac Pro · Victor Wynne

Victor Wynne

The Verge’s review of the Mac Pro

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Nilay Patel:

“Reviewing the new Mac Pro has been an interesting challenge. It’s very much the product that professional Mac users have been asking Apple to make for years: a modular, high-performance Mac tower. And demand for such a machine is well and truly pent up: Apple’s last Mac Pro came out in 2013, featuring a daring cylindrical design that the company was unable to update for years because of thermal issues. After much consternation about the future of the Mac, Apple admitted it needed to start all over with the Mac Pro in 2017. Two and a half years later, we’re looking at one of the most precisely and cleverly engineered desktop computers ever made. I have been dying to review it.”

This is the one review I had really been looking forward to reading and it did not disappoint. It was accompanied by a great discussion on The Vergecast this week too.