Victor Wynne

v1.3.0 of Quattle now available

Changelog for v1.3.0

Added: a tag cloud!

Added: a fresh coat of paint!

Fixed: a number of header tags that weren’t consistent across pages

Changed: if no color scheme is requested the default is now dark

Improved: various visual tweaks and refinements to both light and dark mode

Improved: tags are now styled on posts and on the tags page

Improved: archive displays the number of posts per month, year, category, tag

Improved: the external URL listed for the link: front matter will display the base domain as a source reference at the bottom of posts and link to the full URL

Removed: the related posts feature. Visually it became quite a busy mess at the bottom of each post; tags, source reference, footnotes, previous/next entries. Functionally it wasn’t that useful because it relied on site.related_posts which is time based only. Working on an alternate implementation.