Victor Wynne

The team behind Halide launched a video app called Kino

I’ve been a huge fan of using Halide for my photography, and Kino makes me wish I had any interest in shooting video.

Today we’re excited to launch Kino, a powerful filmmaking app for beginners and experts alike. As say they say in screenwriting, “Show, Don’t tell,” so let’s walk through a few of the tent-pole features in our huge 1.0 release.

You can read about all of the headlining features in the linked blog post, but I am just going to focus on one that really caught my eye.

Meet Instant Grade — one of Kino’s main features. We got together with friends we admire and experts in the field and built a set of gorgeous presets. You can apply one of those grade presets right to your video with on tap. The grade is applied to the final, recorded video, so there are no edits required.

We bundled Kino with a handful of beautiful grades. Some were contributed by top-notch creatives: Stu Maschwitz (Prolost), Evan Schneider (the LUT Company), Sandwich Video, Tyler Stalman, and Kevin Ong — and some we developed in-house. They all have beautiful artwork, just like a particular type of photographic film has on its box.

There’s an exclusive set for Apple Log, but there’s also a set for regular set iPhone footage - so everyone gets nice presets. Kino only shows presets compatible with the video format you’re recording or reviewing.

But the story doesn’t end there. Kino allows you to load your own grades! We support the industry-standard “LUT” .cube files, which means there are plenty of free and commercial LUTs available. Or just ask your colorist friend to AirDrop, email, or iMessage you the .cube file, and Kino will know how to open and import it.

Adding support for LUT importing will lead to creating an entirely new marketplace on iOS. The camera system in the iPhone 15 Pro is already fantastic, but color grading can take good video, and make it great. Mark my words, this app is going to be extremely popular with novice and pro videographers alike.