Victor Wynne

The forged Apple employee badge

Cabel Sasser:

At first, it looked good. The plastic was scuffed with age, the tape on the map was yellowed, the logo was (mostly) correct, and Sherry Livingston really was Employee #10.

But it also felt a little off. The scuffing looked… sandpapery. The splotches on the map felt overcooked. And I couldn’t stop looking at the “typewritten” part…

This badge would’ve been (obviously!) made before desktop publishing. A badge template would’ve been printed by a local printing company, then fed into a typewriter to type the individual employee details. And that typed text is suspiciously uniform.

It is always interesting to see the great lengths forgers will go to only to make the silliest of small yet detrimental mistakes. The fact that Apple employee #8 chimed in about it being fake is pure internet gold.