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Victor Wynne

Reviving my blog

Apologies for the unintentional blast of test posts you may have seen earlier. Let me tell you I am rusty with PHP without telling you I am rusty with PHP. I have been toying around with a few things on my website so that I can continue to publish photographs I take, and also some longer form writing that I would like to share. This required I make some changes to how my website is constructed to better support images, and I am also experimenting with adding native support for ActivityPub.

This will only be a one way street for right now though. My new posts will simply appear as links on fedi, and I will not be checking @victorwynne for engagement or replies because of a series of bad faith actors that drove me from the platform to begin with. Ideally I will be able to add ActivityPub functionality that restricts interactions only from people with accounts to enable conversations on posts. To say ActivityPub is complicated and aggravating is putting it lightly, but I will continue to work on these additions as I have time to dedicate to it.