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Victor Wynne

Noir is now Quattle

I originally released my website’s design as a Jekyll theme named Noir in 2019. I was following (most) best practices to secure my devices and my GitHub repo and through those steps taken I ended up locking myself out of my own account. I spent the better part of the past year trying to regain access, but in the end I was unable to do so and finally decided to move on. The Noir project is now Quattle1 and I am picking development back up where I left off in the middle of last year. There were many feature requests made by users of Noir which I am actively working on pushing out in the coming months along with some new ideas of my own.

The theme is available on GitHub as source code or via the gem. The current version number is v1.1.1 and I have a regular release schedule planned moving forward. For the most part my website will reflect the design and functionality of Quattle but there are a few changes I make for myself which I chose not to make the default behavior for the theme so viewing the theme demo is the best option.

  1. I wanted to avoid any future issues that could arise by keeping the project name identical. Both confusion from duplicate repo naming on GitHub and gem issues so a rename was the correct decision. The original git repo and Ruby gem remain online and accessible for historical sake.